Tiny sweet biscuit tarts

These tiny short crumbly biscuits are perfect for having with coffee after dinner or as part of a tea party for grown ups or children. Children particularly like them as they are a tiny bite size with a minute drop of raspberry jam on the top.

You can make bigger versions – just use fairy cake cases instead of petit four size cases and cook for a few minutes longer

Makes:  30 depending on the size of your cases

100g self raising flour
112g margarine (makes a lighter biscuit)
37g icing sugar (sifted)
25g cornflour
raspberry jam
paper petit four cases
mini muffin tin

Heat the oven to 160 fan/180c non fan
Put the paper cases in the muffin tin (if you have 2 tins you can do this in one go otherwise you will need to cook separate batches)
Beat the margarine and sugar together in a standing electric mixer until really light and creamy – this is really important as if you don’t beat it enough it will be a very stiff mixture and hard to pipe.
Add the cornflour and icing to the mixture and mix gently to form a stiff paste.
Put a piping bag into a tall jug – I use disposable ones with the ned cut of and a star nozzle inside – and wrap the ends over the lip to keep it in place while you put the mixture into it. When its all in, squeeze it down to the end and pipe neat stars into each paper case.
Bake the tarts for 15 – 20 minutes until light brown and cooked through. Leave them in the tins to cool a little. Remove onto a cooling tray. Then using a skewer put a tiny drop of raspberry jam on top of each tart, then dust with icing sugar.
They keep well in a tin for a few days


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