Old fashioned English cakes, biscuits and deserts

Here you can find a selection of fabulous recipes for baking. Many suitable for lunch boxes, picnic, family meals and dinner parties with friends.

Apricot and yoghurt cake

Crunchy ginger biscuits

Chocolate and almond desert cake

Dorset scones

Individual plum and apricot crumbles

Individual spicy apple and syrup puddings

Melting white chocolate fondants

Mixed Fruit Loaf Cake

Mini desert canapé ginger cakes

Malt Loaf

Lemon mascarpone tart with chocolate pastry

Old fashioned  Yorkshire parkin

Petite Salted Caramel Eclairs

Richmond Maids of Honour  – delicious little baked cheesecakes

St Clement’s Cake

Tiny sweet biscuit tarts

Wonderful Welsh cakes