Billingsgate Fish

Fish Recipes

Why Billingsgate fish  ? Because its the largest inland fish market in the UK and is great fun to look around. But, you need to be up early as the market opens at 4.30 am and closes around 8.00 am.

Who goes there – restauranteurs and  professional buyers as well as those buying for families. If you do go, make sure you take cash as they don’t accept credit cards.

On this page you will find recipes for all types of fish and shell fish for summer days and rainy autumn nights, Fish is wonderfully good for you and easy and simple to cook when you are short of time. There’s recipes here for fresh, tinned and frozen. Raw prawns are a great stand by in the freezer as they can be quickly defrosted to make stir fries and to go with pasta.

Anglo-Indian Kedgeree

Comforting cod with puy lentils and pancetta

Cod with prawns, summer vegetables and a shellfish broth

Hake with asparagus, peas and clams – a great one pot mid week supper

Healthy Hake with a provencale sauce and “courgette linguine”

Saffron risotto with garlic prawns – ready in under 30 minutes

Spicy tuna fish cakes