Meat recipes from an English home

The thing about English food is that it is very eclectic, probably because we are a small island that has been invaded and has invaded many other countries over the centuries. So we have evolved our recipes over time to include Italian (both Roman and later), the Indian sub-continent, Malay, Hong Kong Chinese, Jamacian and many many more that reflect the backgrounds  of the people who now live on this island.

I wonder often if there are many recipes that are English – so the recipes you find here are a mixture of  many backgrounds but represent the food we enjoy to eat. This is a collection of great recipes featuring an array of different meats and styles of cooking.

Aromatic pork mince in a lettuce cup

Fast roast pork fillet with parma ham

Home baked beans with chorizo

Meatballs in a spicy sauce

Pan fried pork fillet with crushed new potatoes and green beans

Steak, rocket and parmesan salad

Slow roast pork belly – perfect piginess

Spicy Turkey burgers

Welsh lamb with orzo